Our customers

The company currently produces two trademarks
+ its own brand (Obstland) for ten different retail chains.

Brand: Spar enjoy smoothie + Spar enjoy smoothie/water

Our main customer is Spar, which is supplied since 2008.
In addition to Spar Austria, we supply Spar Croatia and Spar Hungary.

Brand: „Jeden Tag“

The entry-price level brand “Jeden Tag" has been produced for the following retail chains since January 2012:

Austria – M-Preis und Pfeiffer (Unimarkt)
Germany – Bünting Wallenhorst, Bünting Nortmoor, Klaas & Klook, Bela

Brand: Obstland

Obstland is a brand of the company MÖSL GmbH. Three retail chains in Germany are served under this brand.

Germany – retail chains Globus, Tegut und Bela